Our Screening Service is not just a regular health check-up – it’s your way to take back control of your health and unlock your full potential. We delve deep with advanced tests and personalized analysis to give you a clear picture of where you stand and how you can achieve your goals.

Our professional coaches begin the screening with an insightful session where we dive into your ambitions, obstacles, injuries, and training background to understand exactly what you need. We measure everything from your mobility to core stability and perform targeted physical tests to map out your current physical status. Nothing is left to chance.

Gain access to our state-of-the-art lifestyle app that becomes your personal companion on your journey. Here, you’ll find your tailored workouts and have the opportunity to explore our recipe library with healthy and nutritious meals, learn more through our skill-building quizzes, create healthy habits, and reflect for a more mindful version of yourself!

With insights from the screening and your goals, our coaches create a unique and customized training program for you, based on real data and tailored for maximum results! Additionally, you will have access to the training programs and our app for a full 16 weeks to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Book your screening today and start your journey towards a stronger and more balanced version of yourself. It’s time to stop dreaming and start acting!

Basic Screening

Basic Screening includes fundamental but effective tests to get an overview of your physical status, a personal stretching program to increase your flexibility and prevent injuries, as well as a solid training program to help you get started and maintain momentum.

Advanced Screening

Advanced Screening offers comprehensive tests to identify every aspect of your physical capacity, along with a thorough and detailed training program designed to take you all the way to your goals.

Online Screening

Online Screening gives you a powerful start on your journey towards your best version, no matter where in the world you are. During a video call consultation with your coach, we delve into your ambitions, challenges, injuries, and training background to understand exactly what you need to get started in the right way. This includes the GOAT Sports App and unique, customized training programs extending over 16 weeks.

Custom Training Schedule

After your screening, you will receive a training schedule tailored to your daily routine and goals. During the consultation, we will ensure that your goals are realistic and that the training is designed in a way that is sustainable for your lifestyle.

Custom Meal Plans

Together with your coach, you will create a dietary plan tailored to your eating habits and your goals. Your coach will consider your allergies, your food preferences, and your preferred mealtimes before presenting an individualized meal plan.

Goals & Metrics

When you've established your goals with your coach, you will track your progress in the app throughout the journey. By monitoring your metrics, you will become more motivated to complete your fitness journey and be able to identify areas that require a little bit more attention.

Chat with your personal coach

Use the chat with your coach to get guidance during your fitness journey and to adjust your training based on unpredictable events in your daily life. In the chat, you can also discuss exercises and schedule video calls with your coach to demonstrate when you perform the exercises you're unsure about.

Book a screening

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