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Our premium service has everything you need to start your journey towards becoming your best version. GOAT Sports App becomes a digital platform for your personal journey and development, where you can explore and enhance various aspects of your health and lifestyle. Start your journey now!

A more active lifestyle every day

We offer you three daily workout sessions, just like your local lunch place that often has several options on its menu. One for the gym, one for home, and one for outdoor activities. Whether you're on the go or have various types of workout equipment at your disposal, you can rest assured that our workout sessions will adapt to your needs. Start your fitness journey with us and let's together create a healthier and more active future!

Explore our workout library

In our professional workout library, you can explore a wide range of workout sessions beyond our daily workout options. We offer specialized sessions for various needs, such as training for elite athletes, individuals with heart and vascular diseases, knee injuries, or general fitness, and much more! All our sessions are created by experienced coaches and focus on integrated training to provide you with better conditions for a healthier lifestyle. With our workout library, you also have the opportunity to easily plan and customize your training to fit your daily life and schedule.

A carefully selected meal library

Our meal library contains a variety of recipes and meal ideas that promote a balanced and healthy diet. Here, you'll find everything from lunches and dinners to breakfasts and snacks. We also offer daily options that can serve as inspiration if you have difficulty deciding what to eat. Otherwise, you can explore our curated meal library and choose what suits you best for the day. Each recipe in the meal library is simply described with ingredients and cooking instructions to provide you with inspiration. Of course, you have full control over your diet, but when you feel uninspired, the meal library can be of assistance. We continuously update our meal library with exciting, fun, and easy recipes. Use our calendar to plan your meals in advance and make your grocery shopping smoother.

Become more self-aware

Track your personal development by self-reflecting in our app. We have packaged these three categories: Persona, Physique, and Competence. Mood also plays a role when reflecting on how a day has been. The ability to measure the areas above, along with the ability to write a diary with free text where experiences, both fun and less fun, are recorded, results in a greater understanding of your current situation. Measure every day or as needed to get an overview of your trend. Having a good Persona is, of course, individual, but we can agree that doing good deeds and having a strong set of values definitely contribute to feeling better. Physique is often shortened to just exercise, but for a holistic assessment, one should consider diet, recovery, and physical activity. A good way to maintain your Competence and stay engaged in life is by constantly challenging and educating yourself. We believe that anyone who values personal development in any area gains perspective and a greater sense of calm for themselves. By reflecting and writing down your thoughts, feelings, and challenges, you gain a better understanding of yourself and, in turn, strengthen your self-esteem.


Enhance your skills and broaden your general knowledge by participating in a Quiz. Engaging in quizzes not only offers entertainment but also serves as an effective tool for personal development. Moreover, quizzes provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge base across different subjects and topics, making learning an enjoyable and interactive experience.


Establish new habits and initiate the changes you desire in your life. Whether it's quitting smoking or increasing your workout frequency, our app provides you with the tools to set up and track your new habits. Explore our library of habits or create your own to gradually implement the changes you're aiming for.

Invite Friends

Invite your friends and create groups where you can inspire each other and track each other's progress.

Group Chats

Create group chats and support each other as you make progress on your journey together. Use the group chat to share your experiences along the way.


Have all your workouts, meals and self-reflection data stored in one place with a clear overview.


Monitor your progress in the areas of Persona, Physique, and Competence and how that affects your mood.