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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

We support both Apple and Android mobile phones and our app is available to download on App Store and Google Play.

The self-reflection is available under the tab-menu “Persona”. You can fill in a daily reflection where you select from 0-100% on Persona, Physique, Competence and also Mood. You can also write a optional journal entry before saving your self-reflection. After first initial save you have the possibility to edit the journal part, however the other options are locked.
You can update your self-reflection up to 30 days in the past.

In the apps daily reflection you can press the “info” buttons next to the headlines to get a more in-depth explanation about Persona, Physique, Competence and Reflection.

You can invite your friends into group chats by creating a group and entering their e-mail address, or inviting them to existing groups if you are the admin. You will be able to chat with each other and compare your individual statistics with the groups average.

You can get in touch with our coaches here to talk about individual coaching.

RR = Reps in Reserve
SR = Seconds in Reserve

On the user profile inside the app, you can click “Manage Account” button to edit your bank card and subscription details at Stripe.

Please create a support ticket to get help to change your e-mail.

Currently we support English, Icelandic, Serbian and Swedish language, but the app is available in the whole world.

Yes, your self-reflection journal is encrypted in transit and in the database.

You can go back in time up to 30 days on the home or calendar screen, and add or track a workout you did on that day.

If you belong to a group, you can see the groups average statistics of the self-reflection. Therefor a group needs to consist of at least 3 people for the statistics to be available.

No, your coach cannot see your self-reflection values.

The goals & metrics screen is exclusive for the people training individually with a GOAT Sports coach. You set up your goals, and follow your metrics together with the coach.

You can update the journal part of the reflection up to 30 days in the past, but the slider values will be locked after first save.

Yes, you can, however push notifications will only be sent to the app you last logged in to.

We haven’t set a maximum limitation on number of people in a group. You need to be at least two persons, and from three persons you can also see the groups average statistics.

If the personalized workout or meal was added by you, then you have the option to delete it as long as you haven’t tracked it.
If it was added by your coach, you don’t have the option to delete it.

Yes, you can add and track a “General Workout” from the Workout Library to act as a placeholder for your own workout.