For organizations

Whether you're an organization, personal trainer, or coach, we have a product for you. Our app and portal provide you with the opportunity to offer employees, clients, or members access to professional training, healthy nutrition, and a platform for personal development.

With the GOAT Sports app, your users will have the right conditions to perform better, feel better, and build stronger relationships with their fellow individuals. As an organization, all your users will have access to premium services in addition to the features included in the portal.

Get an overview with our dashboard and portal

With our portal and app, we provide you with the opportunity to get an overview of your members, clients, or employees and their health. You can customize and control the type of training you prioritize, create your own reflection questions, and conduct employee surveys.

Explore our workout library

We offer a wide range of workout options that suit all types of users, from those who prefer a more casual exercise routine to those who train more regularly. You can choose from ready-made workout programs or add your own exercises in addition to the sessions available in the workout library.

A carefully selected meal library

Our meal library contains a variety of recipes and meal ideas that promote a balanced and healthy diet. Explore healthy recipes and thousands of ingredients with nutritional values. Through the portal, you can then customize and periodize dietary plans for your members, clients, or employees.

Gain an understanding of your users' well-being

In the reflection section, your users can track their personal development by reflecting on themselves in our app within the areas of Persona, Physique, Competence, and even their mood! Through the portal, you can ask customized questions to users via the app to gain insight into their well-being and understand the challenges they may be facing.


Enhance your skills and broaden your general knowledge by participating in a Quiz. Engaging in quizzes not only offers entertainment but also serves as an effective tool for personal development. Moreover, quizzes provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge base across different subjects and topics, making learning an enjoyable and interactive experience.


In Habits, your users can establish new routines and initiate the changes they desire in their lives. Whether it's quitting smoking or increasing exercise frequency, our app provides the tools to set up and track new habits. Let users explore our library of habits or use the portal to create and assign habits to the entire organization, teams, or specific users, enabling them to achieve unique outcomes.


Your users get a clear overview of their workout, nutrition, and self-reflection history, as well as the ability to structure their training and meals for the week!

Goals and Metrics

Track your users progress in the portal throughout the journey and identify areas that require a little bit more attention.


View your organization's anonymized average statistics and understand the well-being of individuals within your organization.

Group Chats

Create a group chat for your organization, or one for each team, where you motivate each other and track each other's progress.

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